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There are various massage services available but sandwich massage is another form of sensual form, so it should be done by experts. We are working with expert massage boys those are professional as well as experienced. These boys can easily understand your problems and works accordingly.

Thai sandwich massage is a sensual massage service, where two masseuses get involved to provide it at a time. They use high quality oil and lotions which are good for your skin, and give your skin glossy look. Taking bath after this therapy is another interesting part of this massage service.

How Does Sandwich Massage Work? The Truth Will Amaze you

Do you think that a sandwich massage involves putting sandwiches on your body? Well, you don’t believe that we know. However, many people do not know what is it exactly? A sandwich massage is a message that involves sandwiching the client by two massage providers or therapists.

Sounds exciting, eh? Yes, indeed it is a thrilling experience.

Sandwich massage means In this massage, the therapists do not restrict themselves to using their hands or elbows only. They use their entire body to put the pressure. Thus, the client is sandwiched between the therapist literally! The result is, utmost relaxation and pleasure.

Thai sandwich massage is also known as ‘four hand massage’. The name is given to the sandwich massage because it involves two pairs of hands. The client is supposed to remove the clothes except for the essential ones. He then lies on the bed sideways or any comfortable position. The therapists apply aromatic oils on their whole body and the body of their client. Therapist will perform the massage naked or with clothes depends on prior agreement.

Benefits of a Sandwich Massage:-

For hand massage or sandwich massage, also known as erotic massage or sensual massage, is mainly performed as a way to stimulate libido. This type of massage is of Eastern origins and is considered an art form as well as an effective physical therapy. As I state already this massage have lots of benefits as given below:

  • It maintains your mind in such a peaceful and healthy state of mind because this sandwich massage is totally different in its techniques.
  • With your mind, this massage also maintains your body in perfect shape.
  • As we use professional and medically proven oils in this massage so it affects positively on your joints of the body.
  • It reduces strain and rigidity your ligament tissues and it works on your full body.

We are looking for male to join our massage service to serve our clients

Before Join In our sandwich massage porn organization Masseur must be aware below thing:-

  • Boys applying for massage jobs should be good-looking.
  • Boys should be comfortable handling female clients.
  • Boys should have proper massage skills.
  • Boys should be okay to go sexual if asked.
  • Boys should be okay to perform oral sex and masturbate the client.
How about the privacy?

For single person Massage session like Bangkok sandwich massage, Here we have designed individual rooms that ensures privacy and a peaceful, quiet setting so that you can enjoy your private session without being disturbed. All our outlets are sanitised every now and then, hygiene, we take extra precautions to give you a safe and happy services.

Masseur Should follow below details:
  • Masseur should be okay to visit clients place to give them a Thai sandwich massage.
  • Masseur should have a very relaxing and happy appearance.
  • He/she should be good at conversational skills as a local area.
  • Masseur should know sensation points in males and females.
  • Masseur should be comfortable performing oral sex to make a happy ending.
Say Goodbye To Your Boring Life:

Are you tired of your killing tight schedule and day-to-day life activities? You need some hot boys with soft hands and sexy bodies running all over your body.

Book your customized Thai sandwich massage and choose your preferred boy or man that keeps you locked in a massage room with a romantic and erotic pleasuring atmosphere until you get satisfied. In this burning life, try to give your body and mind pleasure and feelings of satisfaction with some hormonal releases.

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How to Become a Masseur?
  1. Join our Website and make your profiles.
  2. Upload nice picture and describe your skills.
  3. Mention any other services you provide with massage.
  4. Get connected with Local ladies and offer them your service.
  5. Negotiate the price and enjoy.
How to Hire a Masseur?
  1. Search our website and find a handsome hunk for you.
  2. Check what services he offers and check the price also.
  3. Contact him and fix the appointment.
  4. Our boys are highly professional and trained.
  5. Enjoy the service and leave a review.
Boys required for Sandwich Massage service

You can become a professional sandwich massage masseur by joining our website. We have a big and genuine database of female clients who are looking for male to female massage service with happy ending. 

  1. Click the JOIN NOW button to register.
  2. Fill out all your details in the registration form.
  3. Verify your profile by using the Email verification link.
  4. Upload atleast 5-6 photos in your profile.
  5. Contcat our agent and share your ID card (adhar, voter id, passport or DL) for verification.
  6. Select the package and pay the registration fee.
  7. Once we activate your profile, Clients can see your profile and contact details.
  8. You can also contact our agents for any help.
  • You should carry massage equipment like bedsheets, Oils and other stuffs.
  • You should not have any problem to provide happy ending service if client asks.
  • You should not have any problem stripping in front of client.
  • You should proceed for extra service only with consent of client.
Keep in Mind:

We do not compromise with our sandwich massage Service quality, You will be fired and your profile will be immediately removed, 

  • If we find anything which will compromise our clients privacy and security.
  • If your service in not satisfactory.
  • If you are involved in any other restricted activity.

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